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Here you can find the choral-music of your choice from Peace of Music and Anders Nyberg's production!  


You can order prints sent to your physical address or you can order digitally, here below directly to your own printer.

You can search the store, have a sneak view of the score, read the lyrics, listen to a recording and learn about the song. Then you choose how many copies you need and proceed to the checkout. 

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Jag unnar dig ändå allt gott

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Jag unnar dig

Jag unnar dig ändå allt gott du ljuva ängel fin,
fast du ifrån mig haver gått är du i hågen min.
Så tackar jag för kärleken
jag njutit har av dig min vän,
till denna dag och stund.

A literal translation:

I still grant you everything good, you beautiful angel of delight.

Although you have left me I still have you on my mind,

And I thank you for all the love I have enjoyed from you my friend, to this day and moment.

A simple yet beautiful melody about unanswered love, for choir a capella SATB, starting with a S + T duet.

Its intense emotional content can easily be expressed on a stage with some simple positioning. Let the duet be sung by a couple standing with their backs to each other, holding hands behind their backs as they sing, to be slowly released by the end of the song as they separate.

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