Where is the friend? SATBB + S&T-duo

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Some background comments:
This hymn, possibly Wallin's most wellknown, was the only one in the old hymnbook that did not include any religious terms. The divine is referred to as "the friend", and "the source". Wallin is said to have written it after being told that it is easy to write hymns - just add a few religious terms and cliches. Ingmar Bergman used the lyrics quite extensively in his "Wild Strawberries" in an argument about God's existence.
The song is a favorite of mine. I heard it as a child at the Kvillselen fäbod in Malung. It was sung quite fast and unsentimentally by shrill ladies voices. Wallin's longing lyrics coupled with childhood memories enticed me to treat it differently and give it a slow and yearning character. A fugue from the "Wohltemperierte Klavier" also has something to do with it. I whispered the "Comes" of the Bach fugue's counter-subject (BWV 874b) - which shares its 4 tones with the opening of the Malung Choral - into Åke Edvinson's ear just seconds before pressing record during the following recording session. It could not have been done earlier. Soul brother Åke caught it so elegantly - and Bengt Hallberg also registered it and fused it lavishly into his pianoplaying.

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