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"Peace of Music" in cooperation with "The Yoga Practice"

invites You to

Song and Yoga in Bali!

8 - 14 september 2023

Join us on a new adventure where we stretch our bodies and souls through the means of yoga and song!

The place is Narasoma Retreat Centre in Ubud on Bali, a small town set beautifully among rice paddy fields, dotted by small temples and rimmed by sleeping volcanoes. 

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Here we do yoga under the skilled guidance of Josephine Tanham. Josie has been practicing yoga for 30 years, teaching for over ten years and is a senior teacher with Yoga Australia.

Twice a day we sing and do our moves with Anders Nyberg as our inspired leader. Anders is a dual citizen of Sweden and South Africa and his music is an eclectic mix of his two countries spiced up with influences from the whole world. Anders has held inspired workshops for over 40 years in more than 30 countries on 6 continents. Worldmusic in worldclass!

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Check out the video – and start to pack!

Read more here and book!
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