Song Safari to Gambia !

 1-14 January, 2023

Come join us for a truly wonderful start of the year 2023!

On the shores of the warm Atlantic Ocean we´ll dance and drum under the tutorage of skilled local masters. And in the evenings we gather at Dabo House to sing our hearts out under the stars and the leadership of Anders. We'll sing songs that bind us together and connect us with ourselves, our roots and our purpose.

This is the kind of vitamin-injection for body, soul and spirit that has the potential to open a totally new window for you after all the gloom and isolation of the last years. Let this be the start of something new and great as we dance, drum and sing in celebration of our new freedom! 
Beach dance Gambia.jpg

Bufärdsmarsch from Malung, Gambia-style. This vocal arrangement is in the key of mixolydian G-major. Little did we know that Gambian marimbas are tuned in the same mode... 

We got even more surprised when we sang it in the local Catholic church on Sunday morning. Their choir knew it already and joined in! Ulrika had been there some years before with another Swedish group who had sung it and it stuck and stayed...                              

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