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Now are we One

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Now are we One

There is an ancient peace within your heart
There is a sense of holiness in you
the thought of sin has never touched
There is a garden opening for you
There is a flower sharing its perfume
There is a lake reflecting your true self
the thought of sin has never touched

Now are we One with Him who is our Source
Now are we One with Him who is our Source

What time but now can truth be recognized?
And so today, this instant, now, we come
to look upon what is forever there;
not in our sight but through Christ’s eyes
He looks past time and sees eternity
He hears the song the busy world can’t hear
Beyond it all he hears the Voice for God
more clear, more meaningful, more near

Now we are One with Him who is our source
Now we are One with Him who is our source

Lyrics: Anders Nyberg / Lesson 164 from ”A Course in Miracles”

Music: Anders Nyberg

Some months are more eventful than others. March 1996 was such a month; in the beginning of it we moved houses in Cape Town, in the middle of it we got married, in the end of it "we" gave birth to our first child...

A few days before the wedding I had realized that we needed one more song for the event. I was in the new house in Vreedehoek, with the movers running in and out with boxes and furniture, guests arriving from Sweden for the wedding and everything in quite an advanced state of chaos. Then all of a sudden an all embracing peace descends on the house. Everyone is by some luck out of the house at the same time and I locate the piano in the clutter, grab the "Course in Miracles", it opens up on "There is a silence which the world can't reach" and I sit down. 5 minutes later, of utmost peace, the song for our wedding "Now are we One" is in the bag, the movers move in and the busyness is all around us again.

The song is also available in Swedish.

See a performance in Uppsala Cathedral with Jennifer Ferguson:

Listen to a recording with Jennifer and Piteå Musikhögskolas kammarkör!

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