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as Student                     1971   Forssell’s scholarship, for outstanding academic achievement at Malungs Centralskola, Sweden
                                                  1975   For outstanding academic achievement at Fjellstedtska skolan, Uppsala, Sweden
as Pianist                       1973   The Frederic Chopin Award, Cedar Falls High School, Iowa, USA
as Singer                        1984   Malung Municipality Cultural Award  (received as member of Fjedur)

                                            1984    Cultural Award of SKS, the Adult Education Association of Church of Sweden (received as member of Fjedur)


as Conductor                 1990    Cultural Award of the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union

                                                  1991    Nominated to the ”Choir-conductor of the Year” by Folksam and the Swedish Choral Society   

as Scriptwriter                2005   Nominated to the Guldbagge Award; best Swedish film for ”As it is in heaven”

                                            2005   Nominated to the Oscars Academy Awards; best foreign movie for ”As it is in heaven”

as Composer/Arranger  2016  Awarded Madeleine Uggla's Scholarship

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