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Song Safaris

Song Safari - D…ber '05 300.jpg

The Song Safaris started with trips to South Africa where we explored its rich culture and nature, always close to the people and the spirit of Ubuntu. But our horizons have expanded and the number of destinations grown as we discover new and inspiring cultures to explore and interact with all over the world. This year, 2023, is especially exciting with three very different but equally thrilling trips; to Nepal, Gambia and Bali.

Join the chorus, join the fun!

Coming Song Safaris

3-15 November 2024  


Vandring Nepal.jpeg

We had a magnificent trip to Nepal in November 2022. Walking the foothills of the grandest mountains on the planet and singing from the most powerful place - our own hearts! Come join us next time, November 2024, when the song of the soul meets the walk of the world! 

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