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   We are so much looking forward - and upward - to this trip. We will be walking in the foothills of the grandest mountains on the planet and sing from the grandest place - our own hearts - up to the mountaintops! Guide and yogateacher on the trip is Inka Gurung who has got a lot of experiences to take groups to this her second homeland. Anders Nyberg will be your song-leader. It is his first time in Nepal but he has lots of experiences of taking groups to unchartered terrains and use singing as a means of creating community within the group and with the people we meet and interact with.  


Song Safari to Nepal

9 - 21 November 2022

In Nepal folk-music is very important and loved, people are happily singing when new guests arrive. We will be walking from village to village in the beautiful green mountains on paths trod by very few tourists. Here people live simple but dignified lives far away from the buzz of city-life and we'll be inspired together with them to catch the moment, the melody and might of the majestic mountains which will  stand guard, snowcapped and glistering, to our North.

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The walk takes 5 days. Most nights we sleep in tents. Our guides cook three good meals a day. You don't need any previous experience of hiking but you should be fit enough to walk 4-6 hours a day in an undulating landscape. The paths are beautiful and we are in no hurry. We walk not to get there, we walk to be there. And we are - all the time in a sense of heightened awareness and suspense in a landscape of extraordinary beauty. 

After the walk we do a little roundtrip. We visit the old trading town Bandipur and its beautiful surrounds. Whoever wishes can also do a fun raft-trip on the Trisuli River.

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Here's a short video on Inka's work  empowering local girls to become  river guides. 


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