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Hundred Hymns

It has manifested!

(Well, so far only in Swedish – but we're working on it!)

From my heart and head to my hand.

But now to the only thing that matters; how can I turn it

into a concern of your heart?

Hundra hymner bild cropped.png

By sharing it! And singing it! 

We keep it forever by giving it away!

Beginning a week before First Sunday of Advent (Nov 26) I will present one or two hymns a week from the book, in the form of a score sheet and instrumental recordings, here and on Facebook.


Then you have a week to record and share the song. The way you share is very simple. You post your version on your Facebook or Insta-page and tag me in your comments. The recordings can be done very simply: Pick your phone from your pocket, clear your throat and record a selfie-song. Press share. If there are prerecorded instrumental backgrounds (which will be available for some songs) you can use these. Hopefully there will also be more elaborated contributions that will be presented as well, but it need not be. Simplicity is key. What matters is not your musical proficiency or technical wizardry, but your heart and only your heart. 

First Sunday of Advent (3/12) the result is presented and two more songs are made available to look at, take in and share. 

For how long will this carry on? Depends on you! As long as the songs keep coming in, we'll keep posting!

If you want more time to prepare you can acquire "Hundra hymner" in digital or physical form (see below) and find your favourites there in order to be ready when it is their time to be presented. A calendar is included in the hymnbook that shows when in the year the hymns are being presented. We follow the ancient rhythm of the seasons and the church-calendar.


All hymns will also come with choral arrangements in different levels of difficulties. You can acquire these, initially digitally at our Score Store, but also physical copies as individual songs or as compilations that will be released as the year progresses.

The idea is that also the choirs can work with the songs and share the fruits of their labour here on our site, but you will obviously have more than a week to present your songs. If you'd like more foresight to present your songs we recommend again that you acquire the calendar of the songs and can plan accordingly.


To conclude with a wonderful example of how it can be done: Listen to Eva Kunda Neidek's rendition of "Tolv vägar – Twelve Roads". Eva heeded the call after I had made the score available on my facebook page. And the way she did it!  

With inspiration from the Book of Revelation's visions of the new Jerusalem, this hymn is set as the last hymn of the hundred in the calendar. In its gravitas but also in its hope, it serves as a springboard for the new and exciting year we are going to meet, manifest and share here on "Hundred Hymns". See you – and hear you – here!

Anders Nyberg


Tolv vägar (Twelve roads)
Song from Oviken, Jämtland, Sweden
Lyrics and musical arrangement: Anders Nyberg
Original first verse by H.A. Brorson (1694-1764)
Vocals: Eva Kunda Neidek

Listen to Anders' invitation to come and join the chorus on "Hundred Hymns"!

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