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Hundred Hymns

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We have now reached the halfway house on our journey with the Hundred Hymns. The musical journey has taken us through all the great holidays and festivals of the church-year from Advent, via Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. And now we take a well-deserved break and look back in gratitude at all the material that has been produced over this time. More than 30 videos are available on the pages now and a lot more of audio-recordings! A huge 'Thank You' to all of you who have contributed!  

We have previously stated that we will carry on as long as there is energy in the project.  

And now the focus of the project will be directed in another direction. My energy will turn into arranging all this music for choir, to be presented coming church-year, beginning next Advent.  

We hope that you will be interested in singing these hymns with your choirs! They will be available on our Score Store, but you can order physical copies as well, as single songs or as compilations that will be released as the year progresses.

We are also looking into the possibility of creating a subscription-service for you to regularly get the scores as the year moves on. 

If you still want to contribute with your recording of any of the hymns you are most welcome to do so. But we will not put out new scores weekly any longer. You are invited to find them in your copy of the hymnal. 


The idea is that I now will work more with choirs and hopefully have nice choral renditions of the hymns to share in the coming year.


We conclude with Eva Kunda Neidek's rendition of "Tolv vägar – Twelve Roads".   

With its vision of the new Jerusalem, where peace abides and the temple is no more, this hymn is set as the last hymn of the song-cycle. With a hope of peace in Jerusalem and the world, we strive forward towards that goal. 

Meet you on the road, 



Tolv vägar (Twelve roads)
Song from Oviken, Jämtland, Sweden
Lyrics and musical arrangement: Anders Nyberg
Original first verse by H.A. Brorson (1694-1764)
Vocals: Eva Kunda Neidek

Listen to Anders' invitation to come and join the chorus on "Hundred Hymns"!

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