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Akanamandla, Haleluya, Akanamandla, uSathane
Simdumazile, Haleluya, Simdumazile, uSathane
Simsabisile, Haleluya, Simsabisile, uSathane

He has no power, Halleluya, He has no power, Satan's had it.
He has been cheated, Halleluya, he has been cheated, Satan's had it.
He flees far from us, Halleuya, he flees far from us, Satan's had it.

Music and lyrics: Trad. South-Africa

English translation: Anders Nyberg, Jonas Jonson

Arrangement: Anders Nyberg


A very powerful song, in its total denial of any other power than the positive. During South Africa's apartheid-era, when power seemed to rest in diabolic hands, the affirmation of this song was a potent weapon. It was songs like this one, and its underlying conviction, that gave people the courage and determination needed to confront the abuse and humiliation. It was this jubilation, sung in the face of oppression, that finally gave the people a possibility to jubilate in freedom.

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