Cool and easy

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Cool and easy

Oh Mama Bhako
Achu wewe

Cool and easy
African Mama,
Cool and easy…

Meet you there, there, there…
See you now, now, now…

Lyrics and Music: Trad. South Africa

Arrangement and English lyrics: Anders Nyberg

A favourite from Cape Town and the 80's. This song has a wonderful mix of cool and easy. You can't get this very hot rhythm any other way than by being cool. A score is probably not the best way to learn this song, but it could be helpful... Unfortunately I have no recording of this song but it has the same feel, tempo and rhythm as my rendition of the song "Denna jorden" that you can find on Spotify. Interpret the 12/8 time as a four-beat with heavy accents on the 2's and the 4's.

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