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Here you can pick the exquisite choral-music of your choice from Peace of Music and Anders Nyberg's production!  


You can order prints sent to your physical address or you can order digitally, here below directly to your own printer.

You can search the store, have a sneak view of the score, read the lyrics, listen to a recording and learn about the song. Then you choose how many copies you need and proceed to the checkout. 

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Dona nobis pacem (From Missa Mira)

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Dona nobis pacem

Dona nobis pacem.
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, peccata mundi.
Dona nobis pacem.

Missa Mira is a Missa Brevis for choir á capella.

The music is adapted from the Anders Nyberg collection A Chorus in Miracles, and set to the traditional Latin words.

You can buy the other movements of the mass separately:

Kyrie, Gloria, Credo and Sanctus

You can also obtain the whole Missa Mira with all five movements together at the same price as three separate movements.

This particular melody with its towering yet graceful intervals is a challenge for the sopranos; to find a nice and even quality of sound despite the big jumps of the melody. The song has a very peculiar history. You can read more about it in the description of the song "By grace" which is its original words.

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