Jag är den jag är, Melodi

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This is an old Swedish "gånglåt", a march from Malung, "Dixtäppmarschen," turned into a big affirmation of Self. I am the One I am. The verse, with its intricate use of all the chromatic possibilities the melodic minor scale offers, can be quite lyrical and interpreted freely by the soloist. But the Chorus has a rhythmic drive that is persistent and prevailing. It knows who it is, and it is with very confident strides it goes out into the world. Otherwise I can't say much of this song as it is freshly baked and has never been tried before. But I hope that its confidence combined with its softness will take it out into the world from the humble beginnings at the "fäbod" Äsisela, in Malung, Dalarna, where it has its roots.
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