My farewell, SSATB + S-solo, organ, violin

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Jone Jonas Jonson.

A name that bounces off the tongue like a piece of music. But the sound of his name is still nothing like his songs and the legacy that has survived him and will continue to do so, as the songs are imbued with a sense of eternity. The stories of the power of his voice can still be heard in his native Malungsfors. Every Sunday when ice did not cover the river he travelled by rowing-boat the 14 km downstream to attend church service in the Malung church. And Jonas would be singing all the way and the power of his voice could be heard, felt and followed all throughout the stretch of the valley as a call to its population to unite in song and prayer.

Jonas was called upon whenever there was a deathbed in the village. And he would never falter taking the people across that last stretch of water, one by one, carrying them on the broad shoulders of his singing, consciously and with great compassion. This is a song that has accompanied many people on their last journey, sung from that big heart in that big chest.

And it still reverberates.

May your legacy linger.

This piece of music demands a good soloist with access to heart and soul in the legacy of Jone Jonas. But it does provide a bridge to the transcendent.

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