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Here you can find the choral-music of your choice from Peace of Music and Anders Nyberg's production!  


You can order prints sent to your physical address or you can order digitally, here below directly to your own printer.

You can search the store, have a sneak view of the score, read the lyrics, listen to a recording and learn about the song. Then you choose how many copies you need and proceed to the checkout. 

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Sana sana nina

Sana sana lwam

Sana, sana, sana, sana ndiyo.

Sana, sana lwam.

Music and Lyrics: Trad. South Africa
Arrangement: Anders Nyberg

This simple yet catchy tune has travelled the world.

Fjedur picked it up from Leif Strands kammarkör, who I believe had it from Radiojazzgruppen, who had gotten it from Don Cherry. "The Fisherfolk" learned it from Fjedur and brought it over to North America where it was introduced as a "Hosana" in churches and hymnals.
A song has the most amazing capacity to lift and fly. But where was it born? Who gave it the first wing and the first breath of air?
The word "Sana" means "child" and the song is a lullaby seemingly originating from Cape Town.
Somewhere, sometimes a mother sat and saw into the eyes of her lovely child. And her love transposed into a beautiful song.
Receive it with all the humility it deserves and spread it further with all the respect and love that you can muster. You're part of a most amazing chain of voices.

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