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Bia O Morid

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Bia o Morid

Bia o Morid bia o Morid
[Come you searcher, you who are crazy from love]

Bia o Morid diwanagen

Bia bia ke diwane kano
Maolanago mastanagen

Sotkag tara eshke zerab
Ma ra gaman kortag kabab

Tao Hanole darda zare
Ma pa watan jananagen

Bia bia ke diwane kanon
Maolanago mastanagen
Bia bia ke diwane kanon
Maolanago mastanagen

Bia o Morid bia o Morid
Bia o Morid diwanagen

Ooo jani
O mani jani la de la de le de gol
La de gol

Text: Gol khan Nasir

Music: Trad Balochistan

Arrangement: Abdulrahman Surizehi, Anders Nyberg

A traditional song from Balochistan, located in south-eastern Iran, western Afghanistan.

This song tells about Morid, a character in the Moslem sufi-tradition, known for his love and longing. Like the “Song of songs” of the Bible the poetry can be interpreted both as divine and earthly love.

Tips for rehearsal and performance:

When singing the “oriental” songs try, for the sake of contrast, to find other vocal expressions and techniques than you use normally but without it feeling alien or token. This song is full of heart and longing! Be inspired by Rostam's performance and try to to create an intense sound by placing the sound a lot "in your head"

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