En visa vill jag sjunga, melody

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A very original melody from Malung, Sweden, with new lyrics by Anders Nyberg. This is just the melody with chords. Arrangements for different types of ensembles are also available.

This is the song-title that has given the project "En visa vill jag sjunga - A song I'd like to sing" its name;

It is a song worthy of holding the wholeness. In its original form it has thirteen verses; The first one introduces the rest and is the one you find in original as verse one in this score, followed by twelve verses, each one telling a tale of tales. The first is an account of the number one, as found in Scripture and Nature, the second of the number two and so on up to twelve. In this rendition I have elaborated on the number One and its relevance.

If the lyrics of this song are remarkable the melody is no less so. The truly original and exquisitely beautiful end-cadence which lands gracefully one full tone under the root gives the impetus to keep singing verse by verse.

This truly is a song of life in all its fullness. Or rather, in this version, of step number One in that grand scale of Life.

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