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Here you can pick the exquisite choral-music of your choice from Peace of Music and Anders Nyberg's production!  


You can order prints sent to your physical address or you can order digitally, here below directly to your own printer.

You can search the store, have a sneak view of the score, read the lyrics, listen to a recording and learn about the song. Then you choose how many copies you need and proceed to the checkout. 

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I am beautiful just the way I am, SA

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I am beautiful
just the way I am

I am beautiful
just the way I am
You are beautiful
just the way you are

Shining like a star
we are here to be who we truly are
We are beautiful
just the way we are

Lyrics and Music: Anne Solveig

Arrangement: Anders Nyberg

A beautiful and simple song, that works well with circle-dancing, a fantastic ice-breaker for a group to get to know and to like each other quickly! This version is in SA, but there are also settings in SSA, SAB and SATB.

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