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The Miracle my Heart finds SATB

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The Miracle my Heart finds

1. The miracle my heart finds is my Bethlehem within

A child born out of suffering to bring Life its visioning

I see the Child of Mankind, I see Her within me

Her eyes are free of judgement, seeing but Eternity

2. I see the tiny baby, a timeless traveler,

a star-seed of the heavens, a weightless wanderer.

No words to start describing her holiness, her light,

and though she may be sleeping she radiates delight.

3. She sees beyond the boundaries of matter, space and time.

She sees a world forgiven, one peace, one humankind.

She sees each tiny baby is cause to celebrate.

For every birth embraces the Christ Child incarnate.

4. Now, sing the star-choir heavens! The Earth choirs, sing the stones!

The song of all Creation! The song that is our home!

The voice for Truth returning to claim infinity.

The child is calling softly, ‘See my divinity!’

5. So, Ring the Bells of Freedom from chains of fear released!

Prepare the Christ Child’s coming! Prepare the Way for Peace!

God’s Kingdom’s coming to us in all humility,

I see the Child of Heaven and My Identity.

Original lyrics: Anders Nyberg

English translation: Jennifer Ferguson

Arrangement: Anders Nyberg

In my grandfather’s childhood home this song was always sung at Christmas on this old folkmelody. The lyrics they sang were the traditional: ”To Bethlehem my heart hurries from the pain of the world on a peaceful pilgrimage.”

It goes om depicting the light shining forth from Bethlehem, from far away and long ago and the own heart and soul as rather dark and gloomy places.

I loved the music, coming as it does from my home village, and wanted to arrange it, but when I tried I could not, I was wrestling with the images, and the old heritage.

But then instead of singing in the beginning; ”To Bethlehem my heart…” I changed the preposition and put in a comma: ”In Bethlehem, my heart,...”.

And the comma, like a magic wand, moved Bethlehem from far away and long ago right into my heart! The creation of the rest of the song I remember with utmost joy. I wrote down the words swiftly as they were given and danced and sang joyfully after having at last reached my Bethlehem. It was never far away nor long ago, it was there all the time for the discovery, it only took a little comma to realize it!

This song is also obtainable with a descant, in a through-composed mode and in a Swedish version.

The picture shows an old "fjös" in Äsisela, a cattle-shed with a wonderful light above it in the sky. My Bethlehem within.

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